What is Zenthai Shiatsu?




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what is zenthai shiatsu

Zenthai Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that emphasizes yin and yang elements. This therapy uses gentle pressure to channel energy throughout the body. Its Yin and Yang elements help to relieve discomfort and are suitable for all ages and body types.

Yin and Yang aspects

Zenthai Shiatsu is a Japanese type of massage therapy. It combines the Yin/Yang aspects of nature. The practice is particularly effective in helping people who are suffering from a condition such as arthritis or headaches. There are two types of shiatsu: yin or yang.

It is often said that the practice’s yin-yang aspects are often contrasting. The practitioners of Zenthai Shiatsu practice in a meditative state, focusing their attention on the responses of the recipients. Zenthai Shiatsu also has a connection with traditional Chinese medicine. It can be used in combination with acupuncture or Chinese herb prescribing. It can also be used to help people who do yoga or just want to relax.

Chris Dawson studied Shiatsu with Nigel Dawes in the UK and Liz Arundel. He then studied with Takeo Suzuki at the Iokai Shiatsu Center in Japan. Chris has also studied acupuncture and Qigong with Ted Kaptchuk and Chen Pei Shan. He currently lives in Sweden.

Zen Thai Shiatsu has two distinct Yin and Yang aspects, and combining them is essential for healing the body. A balanced practice allows the individual to experience both the Yin as well as the Yang and helps them find their balance. Practitioners will also be more likely to experience deeper levels of relaxation.

Movement-based therapy

Movement based therapy is known for its effectiveness in treating musculoskeletal, nervous system, and digestive issues. The techniques used in this therapy are individualized and depend on the individual’s needs. The goal of the treatment is to improve the overall health of the person. The therapist will use a variety of techniques to help each client reach a deep state of relaxation. Movement based therapy is based on the movement of the hands and breath.

Zenthai shiatsu is a type of massage therapy that uses movement to treat the whole body. It encourages the body’s energy flow and helps to release pain. The therapy is designed to be gentle and effective, and a session typically lasts 90 minutes. The massage is done on the floor using a variety of techniques. The session can include moxibustion, Thai flowing massage, or acupressure massage depending on the practitioner.

Zenthai shiatsu combines bodywork, yoga, meditation, and a combination of both. The logo of Zen shiatsu represents a painted circle that symbolizes a tranquil mind and life in flow. A full circle is incomplete but provides room for movement and development.

Treatment for discomfort

Zenthai Shiatsu is a powerful healing technique that treats all types of discomfort. This massage therapy stimulates energy flow by using finger pressure and body weight. Before you begin a session, consult your doctor.

Zenthai shiatsu combines the techniques and philosophy of Zen Shiatsu with Traditional Thai Massage and Osteopathy. The result is a therapeutic, relaxing experience. To promote health and well-being, the practitioner will use meridian lines and acupressure points to work on muscle groups. Some practitioners may also use moxabustion or cupping techniques. This bodywork is most effective when done in loose clothes.

Suitability for every age and body type

Zenthai Shiatsu is a highly effective, modern form of holistic bodywork. It combines traditional Thai massage techniques with soft tissue techniques and structural remedy from western Osteopathy. This combination creates a safe, awake and healing environment. This form of bodywork is recognized worldwide as a structural and energetic form of bodywork.

The founder of Zenthai Shiatsu, Gwyn Williams, has studied various healing systems for 20 years and has helped create this unique therapy. Since 2014, he and Sally Williams have been collaborating on new ways to present the art of shiatsu. They have been exploring Zenthai shiatsu’s benefits as a movement therapy class and integrating it into yoga asana.


Linda Ross is a GP Obstetrician with many years of experience. She has a special interest in integrative and metabolic medicine. She has been studying Zenthai Shiatsu techniques since her early teens. Her practice of Zenthai Shiatsu incorporates the traditional energetic systems of Zen Shiatsu and Thai Massage, as well as the remedial techniques of Osteopathy.

Zenthai Shiatsu combines traditional healing techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine with Thai massage. Its therapists use their body weight to stimulate the body’s energy flow. These techniques can be used for a variety of conditions. To promote healing, the treatment can also include herbal advice, moxibustion and herbal balms.

Zenthai Shiatsu is a great choice for anyone looking for a healing massage that combines the principles of Osteopathy and Traditional Thai Massage. These massages can relax the body and help to reduce stress, increase energy, and pain. They can be used as either a relaxation massage or a therapy geared toward specific issues.

The Ninderry Healing Centre, in Australia, offers an intensive 9-month course for Zenthai therapists. Regular workshops, yoga classes, and kirtans are offered by the centre. The school also hosts postgraduate courses. These programs are held in the Sunshine Coast and Melbourne.

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