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Shiatsu Self-Massage

Shiatsu Massage



a massage therapist massaging a client s back

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork based on Chinese pseudo-scientific concepts, such as the qi meridians. This ancient form of massage was first popularized in the twentieth century by Tokujiro Namikoshi. It developed from an older Japanese massage technique known as anma.

Techniques Used in Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage techniques involve applying pressure to specific areas of the body with the fingers and hands. They can relieve pain by relaxing the body and working out knots and tensions. The massage is considered an effective treatment for joint and back problems, chronic pain, and insomnia, among other ailments. It also stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic, and hormonal systems. It is also known for its soothing effects on the skin. The practice of Shiatsu massage originated in Japan, and was popularized by acupuncturist Sugiyama Waichi in the 17th century.

Shiatsu massage has been used for thousands of years to improve a woman’s menstrual cycle. It can also help induce labor in women who are overdue. In addition to relieving pain, shiatsu massage can boost the immune system and improve digestion. It also increases a woman’s stamina and boosts her appearance.

Despite the similarities, there are differences between shiatsu and acupressure techniques. Shiatsu practitioners lean forward with the weight of the body. The practitioner should avoid flexing the thumb, which can cause injury.

Side Effects of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage has several beneficial effects on the human body. It is a stress reliever and helps to balance the body’s energy levels. It also helps the body release toxins. According to a systematic review, it decreases anxiety and improves sleep quality. It also increases serotonin levels, which are important for mental clarity and relaxation. It also boosts the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that can reduce anxiety.

A Shiatsu massage can help cancer patients cope with the side effects of their treatments. It can help them to feel relaxed and calm, which is essential for cancer patients. Many cancer treatments cause intense anxiety. A Shiatsu massage can relieve this anxiety and help the patients sleep well at night. It can also improve the digestive system.

Another benefit of shiatsu massage is its ability to relieve constipation and relieve menstrual cramps. It can also prevent muscle spasms. Traditionally, shiatsu has also been used to induce labor in overdue women. It is also known to turn the baby inside the womb. It is also used to help with pregnancy issues, including morning sickness, nausea, and swelling. It also improves sleep and fights depression.

Safety of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a form of energy therapy that is often considered a subset of massage therapy and acupuncture. However, research on Shiatsu has been limited, with most studies focused on massage and other energy therapies. Despite this, Shiatsu has a low risk profile and substantial anecdotal benefits.

While Shiatsu massage is generally safe for pregnant women, some precautions should be taken to ensure a safe experience. First, massage during pregnancy should only be performed by a licensed therapist. Certain pressure points in the body can stimulate uterine contractions, which may result in premature labor and potentially dangerous complications during delivery. For this reason, massage should not be performed during the first three months of pregnancy.

Shiatsu is safe when performed by a qualified therapist. However, it is not recommended for people with certain conditions or pregnant women. For example, people who have a recent fracture or are pregnant should not have shiatsu massage because it may affect their condition.

Health Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a form of massage that has many health benefits. It is especially beneficial to pregnant women, as it can ease the pains and symptoms of labor. It can also help women deal with menstrual problems. Shiatsu massage has also been shown to help pregnant women cope with the symptoms of morning sickness, depression, fatigue, and pain. It can also reduce pain and increase energy.

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese massage that uses finger pressure and acupressure to treat a range of ailments. People often report feeling more relaxed after a session. It can also reduce the pain caused by migraines and anxiety. It can also relieve headaches and alleviate pain associated with constipation.

As with all types of massages, shiatsu works to relieve muscle tension and increase circulation. This type of massage is particularly useful for those who have chronic pain or are suffering from arthritis. It has also been shown to help those suffering from back or neck problems. It also helps reduce anxiety and promote good sleep.

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