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Shiatsu massagers target trigger points to relieve pain, while vibration-powered masseurs loosen entire muscle groups. Both types are effective on a tired, tense back. And with this combination neck pillow, you can get both types of massage in one convenient device – plus heat can also be provided!


The back is the largest part of your body, so it’s essential to keep it strong and healthy. Not only does it stabilize your spine, regulate blood pressure and balance organs within the digestive system, but it also plays a major role in stabilizing and protecting other parts of the body as well.

When there is excessive strain placed on your back, it can cause pain and stiffness. Fortunately, there are several effective treatments available to alleviate the situation.

Shiatsu massage is one such Japanese technique, which focuses on pressing, kneading and relaxing to address back problems. In general, this Japanese massage breaks down muscle stiffness and improves circulation to promote better health overall.

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Rebalancing energy flow helps to release any blockages in your meridians. This modality can be performed on either a table or directly on the body and used for various conditions.

Vibrational massagers, which can be useful for “gating” pain, are different from shiatsu massagers which target specific muscles and nerves to relieve tension and muscle aches. For back pain, deep kneading and pressure applied to specific areas can be highly effective at relieving tension, stress and tightness.

Shiatsu massages often incorporate tapping as a technique. These rhythmic taps are applied on various points on the body to increase blood flow and release blocked energy, known as qi. This type of deep tissue massage can be effective for many issues such as lower back pain, shoulder discomfort, hip or knee discomfort.

Tapping can be done with either your thumb and wrist, or both together, to release blocks in the meridians. It is an effective way to reduce pain and encourage energy flow but may cause intense sensations.

Many people prefer to get a professional massage with a licensed massage therapist, but there are some advantages of getting one at home as well. According to experts, having access to an on-call massage therapist allows them to communicate with you and customize a treatment plan specifically tailored for your individual needs.

Vibrational massagers can also be effective for relieving muscle tension and soreness, since they use high-frequency vibrations to pinpoint areas of concern. Furthermore, this alternative option may be more cost-effective than visiting a spa for massage services which may be quite pricey.


Massage is a long-standing therapy that helps to relieve neck and back pain, as well as headaches. Additionally, it has been known to effectively alleviate chronic migraines and muscle aches caused by tension.

Many people who experience chronic neck and upper body pain opt to visit a professional massage therapist. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford weekly visits or finds it difficult to fit them into their hectic schedules.

Thankfully, there are a variety of shiatsu and vibration massagers that can provide you with the relief you need from home. They’re user-friendly and deliver deep tissue comfort in just minutes.

Shiatsu massagers often feature heat options to increase blood flow and speed up healing in muscles. Some even feature auto shut-off functions that will turn off after 15 minutes of usage to avoid overheating.

Another beneficial feature is that most shiatsu massagers can be used on your shoulders and legs as well. This allows you to reap the advantages of both shiatsu and vibration massage for total body relaxation, helping ease neck tension while relaxing all areas at once.

These massagers are usually corded, though some come as rechargeable handheld versions for portability when on-the-go. Furthermore, these smaller models tend to be lighter weight than their larger counterparts which makes them easier to carry around and reposition on your body.

For a truly therapeutic experience, seek models with a wrap-around design. This can massage both your neck and shoulder as well as the back, relieving stress on tight muscles while increasing circulation – which in turn reduces inflammation.

If you are uncertain whether a massager is suitable for you, speak to a medical professional for advice. They can also tell you how to use it and how long each day to give it attention.

Dr. Truumees, a medical professional with the Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in New York City, recommends that depending on your neck’s condition, it may be best to limit how often you use a massager. She suggests avoiding overuse injuries by applying too much pressure and not using it longer than 20 minutes at a time.


Shoulders are an area of the body that can benefit from shiatsu and vibration massage treatments. These massage techniques work to relieve pain and stiffness in the shoulders, as well as improve posture.

Shiatsu is a type of Japanese massage that uses pressure points on the body to treat common ailments such as shoulder pain and headaches. Additionally, it helps restore qi (energy flow) within the body.

Pressure points in the shoulder muscles, arms and neck can be found. They’re tender to touch and may refer pain elsewhere in your body. Trigger points in this area of the shoulder area often contribute to chronic shoulder discomfort due to an imbalance of chemistry within your body or even stress.

Trigger point therapy treatments can be found at your chiropractor’s office or physical therapy center. These massages work by loosening muscle tightness and increasing blood flow to the area, leading to healing and pain relief.

A common trigger point in the shoulder is teres minor. This muscle, located within the arm muscle, can cause shoulder pain when stressed during workouts or sports activities.

To perform trigger point therapy at home, you can use a shiatsu massager for shoulders. These devices utilize small bidirectional nodes to delicately work out tight spots in the arms and shoulders. Some models change directions automatically while others must be manually controlled.

Shiatsu massage nodes work by gently massaging tight muscles, helping them relax and release tension. Furthermore, they stimulate lactic acid excretion – a byproduct of muscle contraction.

By stretching and elongating muscles, it will promote flexibility, range of motion and fewer muscle spasms. Additionally, this approach may be successful for treating frozen shoulder–an inflammation of the upper shoulder that causes stiffness and pain–by providing some resistance.

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, can be a painful condition that affects both men and women alike. It’s caused by an overreaction of the joint cartilage, and can be relieved with massage or stretching to reduce stiffness.


Leg muscles are part of the musculoskeletal system and consist of the adductor muscle, biceps muscle, gastrocnemius muscle, gluteus muscles and quadriceps femoris muscle. When these fibers bundle together they create a striated appearance.

The lower leg consists of two major bones: the tibia and fibula. On the medial side of the leg, the tibia serves as the main weight-bearing bone for support at knee and ankle joints.

The leg is composed of many small bones known as appendages. Although these may be mistakenly labeled “legs,” they may actually not be true legs in animals.

Home spa-quality leg massage can be enjoyed with a shiatsu and vibration massager, providing deep kneading motions to stimulate blood flow throughout your body. Not only does this relieve stress and pain in your legs, but it also promotes better sleep quality.

Shiatsu and vibration massage combine to provide total leg relief with rubber kneading discs and pressure point rollers that massage both feet and calves simultaneously. You have the option to customize these actions according to your individual needs.

Reduces tension and stiffness in the foot and calf muscles, as well as helps reduce lactic acid buildup after exercise – a common issue among athletes and those who exercise frequently.

Kneading and vibrating massages on the legs target vital reflex points to promote healing and relaxation in your feet and soles. This massage can be particularly beneficial for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and neuropathy since it helps clear out blood vessels and improve circulation.

It can also be used for other conditions, such as post-workout muscle soreness and general arch pain. Furthermore, it may help expedite recovery time for those suffering from foot injuries and aches.

It offers four selective automatic massage programs and one manually set program, three adjustable intensities and two kneading directions. Plus, its U-shape kneading board design allows you to massage your lower legs while lying down.

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